Welcome all to my blog,

I’m Wealthy,

I’m fond of personal finance and money management and I would like to achieve of my financial independency before 45. I won’t give you more information about me because it’s not a blog on me, but on dream and how I will achieve it. 😁

The main goals for this blog are two:

  • I will use this blog to share what I know and find out interesting about. I hope to give you the chance to read unusual and useful tips that you will not find easily on the web. I will try to post once or twice a week in the first period. In future only when I will find something very useful to share with you.
  • I will use it as my own track record for my finances, I’m very good at tracking record of my investments, but I prefer create a virtual place where I will come in future to retrace my evolution. I will post on blog the tracking once a month.

I know a blog is a little bit anachronistic idea in 2022. Of course an instagram page or a Youtube channel will be more endearing. I don’t want to became famous on internet or trying to sell you something. It’s for me to release my idea on paper somewhere. Moreover, I’m a bit shy and I don’t think I’m fit on creating content every day to maintain my presence on the internet stable. And, mostly, I prefer privacy 😅.

The blog will be divided into three sections: Basics about financial independence, my external opinions on things that can impact your way of seeing the world or life, and tracking my financial situation.

Hope this helps you.

If you don’t understand something or have something important to share comment below the post. I’m not infallible, so tell me. I’ll try to update or integrate the original post mentioning you.

I’d like to remember you that I’m not a financial consultant. I will never tell you when, where and how to invest. This blog will help you to understand more what is the knowledge and the mindset behind to achieve financial independency.

I suggest you don’t taking my idea and posts as gospel, so I will put at the end of every post some links to read. In any case, I suggest you also to do your own research on other sites or blogs.

Well, I think it’s all for now!

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