Month: September 2023

Emerging Countries Bonds: Yield, Risks and Alternatives

Bonds are always important in our investment strategy. Emerging country bonds are financial instruments issued by countries that are considered to be economically developing. Emerging Countries are nations that are undergoing economic development and are trying to reach the level of developed Countries in terms of infrastructure, industries and living standards of the population. These […]

Investing in REITs vs Real Estate Crowdfunding: Which to Choose to Diversify Your Real Estate Investments

I’ve looked into REITs and Crowdfunding in the past on this blog. In this article I want to analyze the convenience between REITs and a particular section of crowdfunding, Real Estate Crowdfunding. Real Estate: A little bit of history Real estate investment has been one of the greatest wealth generators in the history of the […]

Crowdfunding and Crowdlending: What are the Differences

In recent years, crowdfunding and crowdlending have become increasingly popular as traditional investment alternatives. Both of these forms of collaborative financing allow investors to finance projects or businesses, but there are significant differences between the two options. In particular, crowdlending, also known as lending-based crowdfunding, offers in my opinion unique advantages over traditional crowdfunding. What […]