Month: October 2023

How wealth management firms can help grow your savings

Wealth management firms are companies that manage investors’ money in order to make a profit. The main goal of these firms is to grow their clients’ wealth through the management of mutual funds, retirement accounts, stock portfolios and more. History of Wealth Management Firms Wealth management firms have a long history dating back to the […]

Startup Investing: Risks, returns and growth phases

Startup investing is not for everyone. In a previous article I talked about Crowdfunding. The article looked from the side of the investor, but not that of the company applying for crowdfunding. These are usually startups and today we will look at the various stages and investors associated with them. Phase 1: Bootstrap and Pre-seed […]

“Unveiling the Mystery of Hedge Funds: Characteristics, Investors, Costs and Performance of Financial Market Giants”

Hedge funds are a type of investment fund that have attracted much attention in recent decades due to their complex nature and often extraordinarily profitable investment results. In this article, we’ll explore what hedge funds are, their characteristics, who can invest, the associated costs, how they make money, and the performance metrics used to measure […]

Accredited Investors: Who They Are, How To Become One, And The Implications In Investing

Accredited investors are a category of investors who are considered legally eligible to invest in certain types of financial instruments. Thus they have the possibility to participate in investment opportunities reserved for professional investors. This status is reserved for individuals or entities with a high level of financial knowledge and experience. But also those who […]