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Understanding Brokerage Fees: Navigating the Costs of Investing

In the intricate world of finance and investment, every decision can either propel your financial growth or hinder it. Among the myriad factors that contribute to your investment success, one that often remains in the shadows yet wields significant power is brokerage fees. These fees, charged by brokers for various services, have the potential to […]

Startup Investing: Risks, returns and growth phases

Startup investing is not for everyone. In a previous article I talked about Crowdfunding. The article looked from the side of the investor, but not that of the company applying for crowdfunding. These are usually startups and today we will look at the various stages and investors associated with them. Phase 1: Bootstrap and Pre-seed […]

Emerging Countries Bonds: Yield, Risks and Alternatives

Bonds are always important in our investment strategy. Emerging country bonds are financial instruments issued by countries that are considered to be economically developing. Emerging Countries are nations that are undergoing economic development and are trying to reach the level of developed Countries in terms of infrastructure, industries and living standards of the population. These […]

Crowdfunding and Crowdlending: What are the Differences

In recent years, crowdfunding and crowdlending have become increasingly popular as traditional investment alternatives. Both of these forms of collaborative financing allow investors to finance projects or businesses, but there are significant differences between the two options. In particular, crowdlending, also known as lending-based crowdfunding, offers in my opinion unique advantages over traditional crowdfunding. What […]

Anti-inflation investing: How to protect your portfolio from loss of purchasing power

Inflation is a concern for many investors, as it can erode the purchasing power of their money over time. However, there are several investment strategies that can help protect your portfolio from inflation. In this article, we’ll explore anti-inflation investing, especially ETFs, as a potential way to protect your portfolio. What is inflation and why […]