Differences between world countries

First post and first thing to remember: Not all countries in the world are the same!

There is by no means a better nation than the others, but there is a better one (or more) for you.
How do we figure out which country is best for us?
Well we have to find some common metrics, rest assured that there are already those who have done it for us (phew 😮‍💨)

The first site that comes to our rescue is Numbeo

What is Numbeo?

Numbeo is the world’s largest cost of living database. The data is entered by those who live in that place. Individual cities can also be searched if enough people have submitted data.
Numbeo also creates several indicators including: housing, perceived crime rates, healthcare quality, transport quality, and other statistics.

My favorite page is this

Because it brings together all the countries in a single table that you can check and modify to see the indicators that interest you the most to see all the differences between countries.

As you can see where you live affects your purchasing power and quality of life in general (of course, everything is also given by your job position!)

What do we need to understand from this data?
The countries of northern Europe (and Australia) are the best in terms of my goal. (Earn well and be able to save a lot). In any case, look at all the data, not just the income. You have to work to earn and enjoy a good pension, not just to earn. I also check above all the quality of the air and the climate in my choice, but it is also useful to inquire about the political life of the country.

My life elsewhere?

Do you think Numbeo is graphically ugly?
It is, if you want something more captivating there is mylifeelsewhere, unfortunately the data is not always as updated as Numbeo and you can only compare 2 countries at a time. However, it is a great site to become aware of your country and see if you can improve your condition.

OECD Countries

Let’s say you’re sure you’re going to a state that’s part of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). How do you recognize them? They are those states that are considered liberal and democratic (Why is there Turkey? …). Let’s say you’ve chosen one of them, then OECDBetterLifeIndex is right for you!
It is similar to Numbeo, moreover you can modify the parameters to give different weights in the calculation of your ideal state.

Are You a Businessman?

Ah, some of you are entrepreneurs or do you have some great ideas for start-ups?
Doing Business is the solution, it compares through various metrics the best places in the world to start your business and what are its strengths.
The report is compiled by the world bank and I found it very useful during my studies.
Also here there is a nice table that you can view and order as you like.

My choice

I’ll tell you something about myself so we can understand how I chose the country to reach during the saving years.

  • I am Italian
  • I would like a nation with a climate suitable for life (-30 C ° and +50 C ° are not good)
  • I must have a high purchasing power
  • Meritocracy is very important to me
  • Learning new languages is not a problem, quite the contrary
  • If possible, I would like to stay relatively close to Italy to be able to return to visit friends and relatives

Following all the characteristics listed above, Switzerland represents the best country to try to break through to spend the majority years of my savings period.

Tip: First write down the features you are looking for, and then find the sites above the countries that best reflect you, not the other way around.

Until we meet again, remember you have this whole map to explore!


differences between countries

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