Investments 2024

Welcome in my detailed report of my Investments for 2024

New year and new track record page.

We will continue with the same style (at least at the beginning).

You can see next year here.


Investments 2024

January Investment

GOLDSGLD€ 1,204 € 11,162€ 11,684
MSCI ACWIIUSQ€ 4,826€ 69,946€ 75,738
BONDGAGG€ 394€ 3,989€ 4,101
TOTAL€ 3,600€ 85,097€ 91.523

Unrealized gain/loss Month:  € 2,276

Unrealized gain/loss total: € 6,426

Total money invested € 85,097

Unrealized gain/loss in percentage: 7.55%

FI Date: 01/11/2220 (continue to increase…)

January Comment

Markets seems to have started a new rally, but only the USA BigTech are growing. Not so enthusiastic also because I invested in ACWI. China always deeper.

I should be happy because my portfolio is growing, but I fear why it happens.

Maybe I’m overthinking.

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