Productivity is the characteristic that makes us all richer, but that sets a standard of living that we want to maintain.

I don’t want to make a post about how to be more productive. I’ll probably leave them for you in the tips.

As usual I would like to pause first to give some ideas on what to look for in the future.

Productivity is asshole. The most productive people steal the jobs of those who work less. This will increase frictions between mates and collegues. If they are robots even worse. Machines will steal our jobs, right?
I don’t think so, but that’s not today’s post.

I feel like a productive person and it bothers me who isn’t. Especially when you have to compensate for them. If there is group work, one often does and everyone takes the credit. That’s how it is in life too.

I don’t advise you to be unproductive and piggyback off others. In my ethics it is not right.
Are you saying that investing is the same thing?
In the long run it probably is.

Anyway, Productivity in my opinion is becoming the new slavery, but in reverse.

While before many worked to satisfy the quality of life of a few. Now it seems to me that few (geniuses or ultra-specialized people) keep up the improvement of the global quality of life.

I deliberately exaggerated the two triangles below.


I’m afraid that really competent people aren’t put at the top of the social ladder. But they are going down to the bottom and that it’s thanks to them that everyone else gets through.

It seems to me that most people nowadays pass themselves off as having dozens of orders of magnitude of know-how that would be needed (Maybe good for another post). The people around them (including corporate recruiters) don’t care. Looking for diversity. But even if somatic-characteristic or ideological traits are different, the actions we perform are the same for everyone. I don’t see much diversity if you hire people with different skin colors, but who are both from Harvard.

Take-home tip:
Improve productivity to keep you happy, not the boss.
If you want to work longer hours or harder, do it because you like it, not to hope for a promotion. Or if you want to do it for it, cultivate the network too or people will hate you.

We should be more productive to do more things we enjoy, time is limited and should be used to the fullest.
Also remember to sleep and relax though 😅, Please!

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